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Silk FlowerWalls. Boxwood Hedge Walls. Sequin Walls.
Arches. Neon Signs. Pedestals.
Props & MORE!

Serving Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding areas.


Elevate your guest experience with one of Ny & Ali’s Exclusive Rentals!


Why Ny & Ali Exclusive Rentals

We understand that DIY’ing or finding the latest party trend for your event can be stressful AND expensive. Why buy something that costs hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars for just one-time use? This is where we come in…

Each item in our inventory was sourced by mother
and daughter team Ny & Ali for a wide range of special events.

Delivery, on-site installation  and pick up included with any BACKDROP rental.

*Delivery fee will apply for INDIVIDUAL props and also areas BEYOND Jacksonville, Florida.*

Take a peek at our inventory and contact us for your next event!

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